Craig & Michelle Gregory
Craig and Michelle Gregory

Busy people get things done… At the time we saw Team National, I was developing real estate and coaching high school football and Michelle was selling real estate. We were not looking for anything else to add to our schedule, but the Team National concept just made too much sense to pass up.

In July 2008, a friend of ours approached us about Team National. We’ve been business owners for over 20 years and have always been open minded to other ways to make money. We watched the DVD and saw a unique concept for this industry. We knew saving money was something that people would be interested in. Then, when we saw the compensation plan, we got excited about the opportunity! Michelle started finding ways to save money in our house and I started to share Team National with friends and business contacts. Within 90 days we had created a good stream of income by working at this part time – about 5 to 8 hours per week. Read More

After attending the National Convention in Orlando, FL, we really saw how BIG this could be. After 18 months of working this business (along side our other businesses) we had created another full time income. In the last two years, we have been winding down our other business interests to focus more on helping others develop their Team National business. We have been able to help numerous people. They now have choices for their lives that they didn’t have before Team National. This has been one of the biggest blessings of Team National for us!

We have a son (Christian) and a daughter (Claire) who are both very active in sports and other activities. We enjoy spending time with them and participating in their lives. Because of Team National, we are able to spend time as a family doing things we enjoy like sports, going to the beach and snow skiing.

For us, this business is all about the choices the money gives you. Because of our new flexible schedule, Michelle and I both are able to attend Christian and Claire’s school events and sports activities on any day at any time…even during normal business hours when others can’t get away.

Our goal is to help many more people change their lives and give them options that they don’t have now. Watching this happen has been more rewarding than anything we have ever done in business.

We want to thank Steve and Donna Gantt, Don and Laura Glover and our TEAM.

May God give you strength as you embark on your journey…

Craig and Michelle Gregory

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